Thursday, June 13, 2013

This morning's ruins visit ... on horseback

With pics, it's easier to give less color commentary, and let the pics speak for themselves.

Pray for more pics, then, Folks :-)

I stuffed myself silly, again, and got picked up at my hotel.  About 20 minutes to Hanna Stables.  My horse -- "The Chosen One" -- was awfully handsome.

My guide, William, was a nice looking fellow (18 y/o), too, but not quite so much my type :-)

The ride out TO the ruins was probably 1.5hrs.  William was very mindful of his charge, and took it pretty easy on the trails.

Until I didn't.  The Chosen One had no problem running, so ... I'd take off periodically, and race William to the next river crossing (there were a couple).

The terrain was rolling hills, with single-track trails through forests and large properties owned by fairly wealthy Belizean industrialists.  And one little jaunt through town.  And one little river crossing where we had to board a hand-cranked ferry (and were the only ones on horseback on the thing).

The vistas were beautiful.

We had to tie off the horses at the park entrance, so I walked up to ... whatever this one was called.  It's well excavated, really beautifully presented, and -- other than the late arrival of a group of American college-aged kids, yelling and screaming to each other -- including lots of obscenities -- from temple top to temple top -- it was a pretty magnificent site.

The mansion I photographed is alleged to be owned by some "Bega family --" yet another one of the Belizean elite.  Nice digs.  Nice view.

William was a little more quick to run the horses on the way back, so we had a really nice time (and cut the ride time WAY down, but ... no complaint !)

It's the siesta hour, here in Central America.  Don't think I'll nap, but I WILL have to wash my pants.  They have saddle and horse all over them.

And that's not a complaint, either.

This afternoon should just be an around-town stretch.  I think I'll taxi, tomorrow, over to that Benque Viejo del Camen de la Whatever It Is, and spend 4-5 days there.  It's alleged to be a chill, friendly town with nothing spectacular to offer, other than shorter access to the same eco-tourism features that I already saw.

But I like towns like that.  Friendly people.  Nice restaurants.  Lower average costs.

The hotel I picked has an erstwhile Spa.  They do massages.  What can I say ?  I'm a hedonist, and my body's ready to take a little salutary abuse.  I've also been feeling a little horse ;-)

So ... the pics .... from the Belizean Equestrian Stables Tenants (B.E.S.T.) of ... The Gulag.

Guide, William, posing with a Black Orchid.

I didn't ask.  I just took the picture :-)

Nice house !

Sorry.  Editing is tough for me :-)

William, cinching up the saddle on The Chosen One -- my trusty steed.


  1. what a wonderful trip, and a very handsome steed at that..i know you looked good on that there horse...

  2. Ruins are beautifully manicured, so to speak. And those Mayans sure did pick great places and sure did love stairs. Getting there by horseback is a double treat. Your pics are remarkably clear and interesting.