Thursday, June 6, 2013

Caye Caulker

Is where I am, now.  Caught the 10:30am water taxi from Belize City -- a grueling ... maybe 11 minute walk from my hotel.  Safe boat.  Uneventful ride.  Not overloaded.

It's a very touristy island, and -- again -- pretty well centered around water sports (and drinking).  Looks like I'll probably do some kayaking, but cannot safely make snorkeling work, and scuba is definitely out.

But I'll get on the water ... which is nice :-)

As usual, I strolled around town, today.  As usual, it's blisteringly hot.  This room doesn't have a/c OR a television, so I anticipate being out and around a fair bit.  Might have to up the ante to FOUR meals a day :-)

This is what it looks like, plus color commentary:

Crappy night shot, of view of canal, from back porch of Belize City hotel (x3)

Caye Caulker beach

"Chocolate --" a famous local snorkeling/fishing tour guide/impresario/raconteur

Beachside massage business.  Yeah.  That.

A bit surprised to see Jehova's Witnesses on a tiny island, but ... they DO have a/c :-)

Sheet goods !

I can virtually never identify species.  Anybody ?  Bueller ??

An organized shop makes a good first impression for clients.  A local woodworker.

Cutoffs are a problem everywhere, I guess :-)

Although I've never had a cutoff pile of coconut husks, if memory serves.

Fire department

The school.  Aaron ??  Is this where you taught ??

Nope.  Not a Peeping Tom thing.  Just thought she looked classic, basking in the Caribbean sun.

It LOOKS like Southern Yellow Pine.  Bob ???

Hotel room wall paneling.

Caribbean view out my window.

Whenever possible, buy local -- particularly with coffee.  When IM-possible, buy what they have :-)


  1. If everything is in the eye of the beholder; this beholder still sees through the lens of a woodworker!
    Since I see trees that are bent by the wind, I wonder how some of the edifices survive tropical storms and winds?

    1. Yeppers. I still think about it, and wonder if/hope that I'll be able to do it again, some day. It's also a subtle shout out to my woodworking friends who may/do tune in.

      That's a great question, Mom. I can't be sure whether the trees are actually bent BY the wind, because ... as you say ... if it's THAT powerful, nothing should survive it, intact.

      I'll consult the Three Little Pigs -- erstwhile experts in such matters :-)