Friday, June 14, 2013

Benque Viejo del Carmen, and my hotel

Caught an early bus for Benque, this morning.  Chatted with an Arizona lady (from Flagstaff, went to school at ASU.  Doing NGO work in Guatemala.  Traveled a fair bit.  Lived in Costa Rica for a month.  Asked her to get in touch with Frances, since she feels qualified to teach sustainable agriculture).

Got dropped in Benque, and humped all my luggage to the hotel.  Dropped everything, splashed water on my face, and spent most of the day walking.  Pics below.

Have a 7pm deep tissue massage scheduled, in their "Mayan Spa."

Met Harry, the Eclectus Parrot, who lives here, and -- at 17 y/o -- is the baby of Steve, a guy from Hollywood who says he fled the States, despite a successful acting career, when "the US turned into a Nazi regime."

Uh.  Okay.

Harry allegedly speaks 2000 words.  I haven't head him talk yet, but he's awfully cute :-)  I'll get his pic, and or a picture with him and me, another day.

Interesting town.  Very quiet.  Got a GREAT view of that McMansion (allegedly (now) owned by a drug dealer).  Visible from all parts of town.

Looks like good Chinese food, here.  I'll be trying it.

I can walk to the Guatemalan border, and may do so, tomorrow, just to see the border town.

Gotta' rest, though.  Blazing hot, here, too.


Nice house, Benque style !

Fred Sanford on two wheels

There it is again !

Wood shop !

Almost like an entertainment center

They were (power) planing ... big time.  I loved the sound !

Oh, he's a lumberjack and he's okay.....

The river outside of my hotel veranda

Another hand-cranked ferry

Rooftop view pics

Okay.  I'm obsessed.  But look at that thing !

My hallway to my room

One wall of my room

Another wall of my room

My ceiling

Outside my door

The veranda

You Are Here


  1. There's not much work, they don't have much in terms of money, but they sure have gorgeous wood. Even if the massage(s) isn't great, the views inside and out certainly are. Pamper yourself for the next few days. Language school should be 'work.'

    1. Yeah. The wood is sublime.

      The massage (US prices) was like a 2nd date who "swears she gives a great back rub," rather than a trained massage therapist.

      But how bad could it be ? Not too.

      Tomorrow, I'll walk to the neighboring town of San Jose Succotz ... in the blistering heat.

      My tan is complete. It's plateaued :-)

  2. oh man you killed me with the wood pictures, i love it, a good read here, , but man , send me some of that wood...pretty please with sugar on