Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wait. I know. It means "butterfly," right ??

I call myself "functional," but I'd like to be very comfortable speaking, and understanding, Spanish.

I just made an inquiry to these folks, asking if they could take on Project Neil, for a month, starting on July 1st:

Tell me, if you'd care to, how cool that sounds ??

I'd likely spend some more time in Honduras, then take a ferry over to Belize -- partly to see it, but partly because it's out of the "CA-4 Zone --" Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

I'm IN that CA-4 Zone, now.  You can stay -- collectively -- for up to 90 days.  You either have to go somewhere to extend your stay, or leave the CA-4 Zone, and the clock resets.

I figure I'll head Westward, along the Caribbean coast of Honduras, and then catch a ferry over to Belize, before flying to Managua, Nicaragua to do this month of Spanish thing.

If they'll have me.

I'm still hot and sticky from this morning's lengthy sojourn, but ... deep down ... underneath all of that ... I'm a little excited about this idea.

Which is how it works ... in the understated polyglot nether-regions of ... The Gulag.

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