Friday, May 31, 2013

Bill makes a fair and valid point

I've been slacking.   Slacking and sweating.  Well ... sweating, mostly, but ... here's some pics -- tail end of Tela, Honduras .... Puerto Cortes, Honduras ... and ... Placencia Village, Belize.

Again: sadly, I've been pretty conservative about where to just wander around, looking like a tourist, and carrying a rather conspicuous camera, and it's just been way too bloody hot to wear my day pack around, so ... what we have here is just a "snapshot," so to speak ;-)

Watchin' the ships roll in ....  Tela, Honduras ... where there really isn't a dock, much less a cargo dock.

East of Tela, along one of my epic walks.  Guess THIS guy won't be caught looking when the next hurricane comes.

Insert "Little Piggie" joke, here.

Unmarked, unnamed, no-sign lagoon, between Tela and El Triunfo de la Cruz.  Odd, but pretty !

Puerto Cortes, Honduras.  Can you believe this guy beat me in an air guitar improv contest ??

Puerto Cortes.  Over 50% of Honduras import-export trade moves through this port (yeah: logistics !)

No flames.  No obvious sewage.  Probably not a cruise ship ;-)

Or you can buy a Coach Class ticket ....

My little runabout for the Puerto Cortes > Placencia, Belize jaunt.  Three (count 'em -- three) outboard motors !

The Sea can be a cruel mistress.

Yeah.  There was beach and beach goers, too

Probably swimming, but I like to think they survived a shipwreck, and were just getting to shore.

????  I kind of liked it, though !

'bout 30 of these in a BIG pen/cage.  Placencia Village, Belize

It's one of those Jimmy Buffett-type Caribbean destinations for the cruising set.

Some of whom ALSO stay in budget accommodations, incidentally.

Airstream spotting !!!

And a classic Winnebago !

The local woodworker.  Nice guy.  Says eternal vigilance is needed to keep the tools from rusting.  I'll bet.

Jet.  Words and music by Paul McCartney.

It's like the stuff grows on TREES, down here !  I really don't know what species any of it is, but ... there it all is !
Thank you, Mr. Richardson, for keeping me honest and on task :-)

Tomorrow, I fly from Placencia to Belize City.  I'll stay there about four days, and then water taxi over to Caye Caulker, staying there for 4-5 days.

But the tropical heat is beating me senseless, so ... if I can't find a way to be in a place where this heat isn't .... I'll be scrounging desperately for a plan -- where are we, now -- R ???

Ciao for now ... from the deeply tanned (so much so that my teeth look dazzlingly white !) nether-regions of ... The Gulag.


  1. Ambergris Caye- pretty touristy, but the people are really nice (despite the fact that the place is crawling with tourists... like me at one time)...

    Loved the little corner of Belize I saw in 2008. So cool to see you are there now.

  2. Much better... now, was that so difficult? Love the woodworkers everywhere, and the vast stores of WOOD ;) My wife hoards fabric for her quilts... little does she know of the impending wood acquisitions once my shop is finalized ;)

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  4. Too many typos. Trying again .... :-)

    @Guyaba: having done Placencia, I was really torn about the Cayes at all -- seemingly more of the same, but even more expensive. But ... you know ... when in Rome :-)

    I'm thinking Caulker will give me the feel, though, and I'll skip Ambergris. I agree: it sounds like it would represent all the best AND all the worst of a Caye visit :-)

    @Bill: At some point, we'll arrange a relatively informal fabric hoard-off between our respective wives.

    Dj's pretty bulked up on that soft stuff, too :-)

    I wish I had ANY clue what species ANY of that dimensional lumber is/was.

    This region was famous for it's mahogany, but I think it's been strongly curtailed.

    I'm guessing, though, that what they use for your basic dimensional lumber (ie, 2x4's, etc), could be considered highly exotic, in the States.

    I may have to test the macro capabilities of my camera, and just snap a few pics, next time I stumble on a big lumber stash.

    As to wood vs. fabric hoarding: heck yes ! Never admit defeat :-) I decided that building WW projects that worked FOR the quilting sickness was an ultimate win-win.

    1. That's brilliant. Tracy's always needing storage for quilting supplies - so if you can't beat 'em, build a fabric chest ;)

  5. The Belize zoo was founded by Sharon Matola. Years ago I saw a program about it, and thought I'd like to help out. If you go there, let her know I'm available.