Thursday, May 9, 2013

Trujillo pictures

Hard to imagine: a Church on the Central Square ... in Latin America :-)

My original Trujillo hotel ... as seen from the Square

The Caribbean

Another Royal Caribbean ship in dire straits

Banana Coast ... and it is !

The Graveyard of Fisherman

The to-be-completed Embarcadero -- Maybe January of 2014

The kiosk on the Central Square

Pete and Re-Pete, or -- if you prefer -- Juan and ... Two

Don's BMW R1000GS.  Call him.  It's for sale.

The crazy lady on the square, who ... didn't just talk; she SCREAMED, and was quite liberal with her use of profanity ;-)

Tubbs and Crockett taking off

The Fortress.  It's nowhere near as cool as it should be, but ... it's here ;-)

DE-fense, DE-fense, clap, clap, clap, clap.....

The Dole van ... that stealthily carries workers to Area 51

The pool/pool bar at my new hotel

Part of the hotel, too.  Don't know/care if they're going to open it, during my stay, but ... it's inherently cool !

It's following me.  How weird is /that/ ?

The famous Laguna de something, something.  It IS beautiful !

Same lagoon.  Other side of the bridge.

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