Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hasta Luego, Trujillo !

I'm catching a bus in the morning, bound for La Ceiba.  Probably head out about 8a or 8:30.

I went for two walks, today.  The first was into and around town.  The second was probably a few miles out and back, to the East, in the deep, HOT sand.

And it was brutally hot again :-)

About an hour before sunset, I splashed water on my face, and decided to look online: what would be a splurge dinner ?  Not the tourist resorts on the town beach.  One of the self-contained tourist resorts on the beaches OUT of town.

I decided on the Christopher Columbus Beach Resort.  Allegedly, Trujillo is where Columbus landed, when he reached the new world.  If it was good enough for him .....

A HUGE shrimp cocktail (a handful of what are commonly called U-10's), followed by Fettuccine Alfredo with (more HUGE) shrimp, and a Coke.  Splurge meant something just under US$20 -- a lot of money for "emerging nations," but not for a fine dining meal at a tourist resort.

I couldn't even manage to find room for desert.  Earp.  Wyatt Earp.

I'm packed.  Will flip the laptop in the backpack in the a.m., sling my bags over my shoulders, and walk the few hundred yards to the bus station.  Buses leave regularly and frequently, so it's just a matter of heading over there, buying a ticket, and getting on one heading the right way (which would be ... West).

No hotel booked for La Ceiba.  I'll wing it.  I've never been a fan of Lonely Planet's region (eg, Central America) guides.  They don't give the kind of coverage that the country-specific books do, but ... on the flip-side ... you don't have to carry a half-dozen heavy books around Central America ;-)

Meaning ... I'll probably have better luck finding a hotel when I get there, anyway.

A few pics snapped today......

Cock-fighting arena.  Yes, it's RIGHT out behind my hotel, and yes, you DO hear the action on weekend evenings :-(

Found a lumber yard !!

Found a cabinet maker (and his dog), too !!  Should have taken more pics, and/or come back when he was open.  Stuff looks great !

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  1. For those of us playing along at home:
    Will you be able to catch Carnival week next week? Not sure if you're in the mood for it, but it sounds like a neat possibility. Hotel issues?