Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Shop @ Maya Jaguar

I meant to post a few pictures of the bodega - the shop, at Maya Jaguar (Frances's school ... in the middle of nowhere, MayaLand):

It's a WoodMizer.  Yeah: a WoodMizer.


DeWalt Jobsite Saw w/home-brew outfeed table

DeWalt Compound Miter Saw

A brute of a Delta (DC-380) planer.  Note the NEW-IN-BOX, smaller Delta Planer to the left

Yeah: a 14" Delta Bandsaw
Most of their tools suffer from a combination of neglect and the very high humidity.  The CMS and the table saw had tile-cutting blades on them.  The band saw -- I'm quite sure -- had never been set up, tuned up, or used.

The big Delta planer didn't have a plug on it.

I did what I could -- aligning, cleaning, and lubing what I could, and showing the caretaker the basic proper operation of each of the working tools.  I tried to let Frances know which tools were dead, non-functional, or knocking at death's door, and -- among those -- which were worthy of attention, and which should be sold, scrapped, or traded.

In reality ... in a town ... with electricity and good lighting ... it would have been an absolutely wonderful shop.

For somebody :-)

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