Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lake Atitlan

Okay.  Panajachel, on Lago de Atitlan.


Other than eat ceviche and walk around, we haven't done much yet.

But that -- in and of itself -- is rather a lot :-)

Our hotel is awesome:


They're warming up the "Mayan Sauna" (?) for us.  Muy amable of them, don't you think ?

We'll eat breakfast on property, tomorrow, before wandering around town some more.  Market-shopping is well known in this area.  I haven't had a hankering for any of the knick-knacks, so I'm still traveling pretty light.

But Sololá is just up the hill, and REALLY well known for its handicraft stuff.  Okay.  Chicken bus it is !

82*F and 56% humidity.  Lakeside.  Eyes are doing okay.  Lungs are getting tired from the coughing. Can you say "Countdown to Zithromax ?"

I can ;-)

We'll likely spend a few days in this town, before moving on to ... uh ... well ... the next place.  We're definitely hitting Critical Gringo Mass.  It feels very odd, having been in way-rural Guatemala from the get-go.

Ciao for now ... from the lakeside office of ... The Gulag.

Oh, and ... Happy Birthday to Michael Albert, who -- quite fortunately -- was NOT among the Boston Marathon runners, this year.....

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