Monday, March 11, 2013

Ahhhhhhh, Logistics. Sweet, SWEET logistics :-)

My last job was Director - Planning & Logistics for ... some company or another.

Meaning: I can figure out what we're doing, when we're doing it, and what it will take TO do it, and then back into the timelines to get it all done.

Yeah.  It requires coffee and the occasional aspirin, but ... generally ... I can do it :-)

The interesting thing about this trip is ... I'm cutting loose the tethers from any permanent residence.  No fixed address.

NOT easy to do.  Since I haven't divested all of my worldly possessions, you'd be amazed at how many entities require a fixed address.

So I gave them one: my dear brother and sister-in-law's house ;-)

The rest is a series of changes of address, shunting everything to an international mail forwarding service that gives you a street (rather than a PO Box) address, and -- for a price, of course -- will overnight your stuff to you, wherever you are.

Very cool is their process: they scan (take a picture of) and weigh every inbound piece of your mail.  Then the user interface allows you to have it sent, shipped to you, pitched, or -- for an upcharge -- opened, and its CONTENTS scanned.

All that you tally for forwarding ... will provide you with a total weight, and -- based on the destination -- an estimated shipping charge.

All the comforts of home, without actually having a home.

So, about .63 Billion Changes of Address need to be processed, online.

Received my Passport.  Purchased my traveler's medical/evacuation insurance.  Unwrapped all my goodies, and have been trying all permutations of take/leave -- just playing.

It's T-minus 12 days.  It's all coming together nicely.

Except the whole "leaned over while brushing my teeth, and threw my back out" thing.

Has happened maybe twice in my life.  I don't have a bad back (note to back: y'hear that ???).  Tylenol and some rest.  My back has work to do.

Tomorrow, I have an eye doctor appointment.  Though I can no longer wear my magical "scleral, fluid-filled prosthetic lenses," a light bulb went off: how about "soft bandage contact lenses ?"

The eye doc thought it was a wonderful idea.  Cross your fingers that it'll work.  The chemically burned eyes are profoundly dry.  It's maybe a 30/70 proposition, but worth a try.

So ... the "TO BUY" list is shifting powerfully from "NEED-heavy" to "HAVE-heavy," while the "TO-DO" list is extremely heavy on "X's" in the "DONE" column.

I wish I could term my state of mind as excited, but ... this is like a long trip to the Mayo Clinic -- something I've done before -- a medical journey ... a search for wellness.

And so it goes.

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