Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Packing List

I've already been asked by several people what it is that I plan to take on a one-way "adventure" (read: low-budget) trip that will take me to remote places, require me to be quite self-sufficient, and may last many months or a couple of years.

I've been quite fortunate to have taken more than a few month-long (or more) trips to "emerging nations" before, and -- while I'd love to say it's taught me to whittle my list down to the bare essentials -- it hasn't :-)

What it HAS taught me is that -- if I think I might need it, and I'm SURE I can comfortably lug it -- I should take it along.  The only thing that I ever toted to more than a few countries, but never used, was a  very small and lightweight hammock.

It's not going ;-)

So here's the list.  I haven't trial-packed it, yet, so ... there WILL be an issue of "what actually FITS," but ... this is the stuff that I either had easy access to or ordered, and that should be awaiting me in my hotel room, when I get back there, next week.

So ... THE LIST:

Backup glasses
Day Pack + Water Bladder
Eagle Creek Packing Cubes
Eyeglass retaining straps
Gerber Multi-Tool
Hiking shorts
Safety pins
Luggage locks + cable
Mosquito net + repellent gizmo
Antibiotic ointment
Crushproof eyeglass case
Fever thermometer
Goggles case for SWIM goggles
Hard soap container
Immodium A-D
Antifungal ointment
Cortisone cream
Cat-Crap goggle cleaner/anti-fog
Buf-Puf (for scrubbing feet etc)
Extra shoelaces for Garmonts
UV Pen water sterilizer
Rx swim goggles
Long pants
Underwear - briefs
Hiking shoes
Stuff sacks
Nature's Eyes Tear Eye Mist
Ayr Nasal Gel
AC Plug Adapters
10X mirror
Adidas trail running shoes
Backpack rain cover
Bathing suit
Camera batteries
Camera charger
Compression Travel Sacks
Do rags + bandanas
Ear plugs
Flat sink stopper
Glasses cleaning cloths
Goggle case for Uvex
Goldfish bowl glasses
Guide books
Hiking socks
Keychain flaslight
Lashing straps
Lip balm
Long-sleeve shirts
Main glasses w/clip-ons
Marmot fleece pullover
Money belt
Muro 128 ointment
My holy wool sweater
Notebook charger
Notebook computer
Notebook sleeve
Nylon belt
Nylon mesh bags
Nylon wallet
OR gloves + shells
Paracord 550
Pocket Spanish dictionary
Rain hat
Rain jacket
Rain pants
Scrub bottoms (sleepwear)
SD Memory cards
Shoe bag
Toiletry kit
Underwear - base layer
Viscose towel
Waterproof pens
Waterproof pouches
Wool watch cap
Xenon flaslight + spare batteries
International cell phone

I'll update the list, after I've fine tuned it WITH my backpack -- an oldie but a goodie that has been with me around the world.

I'll also try to weight it, to give an idea of how much tonnage I'll be required to float.

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