Thursday, March 21, 2013

38 hours left

The airport shuttle will snatch me up on Saturday morning, at 8am.

That leaves me two more breakfasts, pre-trip -- both of which will be assembled at the oh-so-local 7/11, about 50' from the hotel.

Yes, you CAN eat healthfully at a convenience store, but I don't plan to.  Decent coffee, some juice, and .... their sinfully delicious cheese/cherry danish.

The entire hotel room is packed and boxed.  Tomorrow, it all goes (two trips ?) to the storage space.  On the last trip to the storage space, I'll -- literally -- get out of my "street clothes," and into my travel duds.

Oh, I'll DEFINITELY look like the quintessential "adventure tourist," but ... c'est la vie.  Could be a conversation starter :-)

Dinner with my brother and sister-in-law, tomorrow evening.  I'll leave them my car, in exchange for a ride home.

The stuff is all purchased, sorted, organized, and packed.  The documents are all in waterproof pouches.  The "legal" documents are all completed, executed, witnessed, Notarized, and on their way to a family member for safe keeping.

Just in case a civil war breaks out, spontaneously, while we're ... somewhere, or ... Cousin Donald just gets sick of me and asphyxiates me.

I'm insured against either, incidentally.

Forecast calls for snow and ice on departure day, but ... that's not foreign to Denver International Airport.  Should be okay.

I want to offer my humble and sincere thanks to all who have helped to facilitate this trip, and to those who offered to do so.  I couldn't have done it without you.

Flying, this weekend, will prompt some insecurities in me.  A short while AFTER my flight, the TSA has decided that passengers will be allowed to carry knives with blades of less then 2.36" in length.  For some inexplicable reason, I KNOW I'd feel safer if I had a 2.358" blade in my carry on luggage.


Instead, I have a flashlight.  That will have to do :-)

The early travel, to the Mayan Village, in the Sierra de los Cuchamatane Mountains, will be the most "rugged --" maybe of our whole Central American journey.

After that, we'll probably enjoy more populous locales with more developed infrastructure.  With luck, we'll find a few beach towns that call to us, maybe rent an apartment, and stay for a week or two.  We could both use a tan.

The domestic phone service contract ended, today.  The international phone is alive and well, but -- I'm certain -- expensive to use.  I've decided NOT to throw away food, so ... I'm eating everything in the 'house.'  Luckily, I can do that ;-)

Even if I don't have internet access, in the village, I'll keep a running 'diary,' and upload the posts when I can.

Take good care, everybody.  Hug those that you love.  Keep them close.  And find your own little adventures -- no matter how seemingly pedestrian -- while I'm gone.  Just push a CENTIMETER outside of your daily comfort zone.  It's good for the soul.


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