Sunday, March 24, 2013

I see "Cowboys" stickers, but ... is THIS Guatemala ??

White-out in Denver, yesterday.  30-something flights canceled, but ... not mine :-)

No.  Mine was delayed 5hrs.  No a real problem, except ... my connection to my Guatemala flight -- at DFW -- only allowed me 55 minutes.

Let's see.  Nope.  The math doesn't work.

Took a room a few miles from DFW, and will be shooting for TODAY'S 4:55pm DFW > GUA flight.

Nothing of note, but ... I DID stay in a Holiday Inn Express, last night :-)

Cousin Donald ??  I know you don't have a phone or a laptop with you, on this trip.  Can you feel this ??  Pick it up telepathically ?  Did you even NOTICE that I didn't knock on the door of Room #6, last night ?

So, at least *I* will miss Antigua, today, but ... it's Easter, and much will be closed.

Guess the new goal is to catch up with Frances at the Guatemala City airport, at 10:30am, in the morning.

Yep.  That's travel :-)


  1. Hope u made it safely found Donald and Frances and remembered that Easter is next week.

  2. one foot in front of the other! Hope all is well when you finally got to where you were going :-)

    I'll ck back for any news - all is well here at the Parker B&B