Friday, April 4, 2014

Mayo = BOOKED !!

I'll be flying to Rochester, Minnesota on April 28th.  I scheduled a return flight for May 10th, but ... that's subject to change.

This morning, I heard from the original liver doc: he agrees ... the low platelet count thing could be serious.  He wouldn't have expected it this far out, after the initial ... whatever.

We'll re-check that in about a week.  

He reviewed the results of the liver biopsy.  He agrees: drug-induced liver injury.  He agrees: it's the Cymbalta.

But he still seems to think that -- as long as the liver enzyme values are coming down -- all is well.  

I won't argue with him, but I don't agree with him.  Nuh-uh.  I've learned too much ;-)

So I'll go to Mayo.  From there, I'll fly to Denver, see some family and friends, and ... fetch my car.  Not entirely sure how I'll make the 1,000 mile drive back, but ... one mile at a time, I guess :-)

Gotta' handle a few logistics.

But there it is.

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  1. As far as logistics, you have a spot in Golden, a ride to/from the airport, and any help you need going through your stuff.

    I may also be able to help you with your car, depending.
    Get well!