Thursday, March 20, 2014

Still nothing.....

It's pretty ridiculous at this point, but I STILL haven't heard anything.

I sent a fax to the doctor's office: are YOU still waiting for the Lab to send the results, or have they sent them, but they died in YOUR office ??

If YOU haven't received them, please call the lab.

If you HAVE received them, then call me, and I'll come pick them up.  I'd like to chew on them, until the doc gets a chance to go over them.

And/or ... forward them to another Pathologist.

No response.  Left a follow-up voice mail.  No response.

Meanwhile -- not having slept much last night -- I DID wind up in a 3am e-mail exchange with the Director of Immunology (he was abroad, and not necessarily battling insomnia).

I asked him if:

 - he could get me seen before April 4, and

 - he could arrange for a Faculty doctor to see me, and not just the Fellows (basically, students).

He replied:

We see patients with fellows, who are very good, almost ready to go out and practice themselves.
Maybe it's just me, but ... I  didn't feel very encouraged by that.  It was as if he damned them with faint praise.

They're almost as good as real doctors !!


Sinus infection is pretty bad.  Fatigue is pretty bad.  Been pretty much confined to bed ... again ... for 20+ hours a day.  Watching the tube ... burning my eyes trying to figure out Next Steps ... and ... waiting.

We're hearty stock, we ... we denizens of .... The Gulag.

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