Thursday, February 13, 2014

Go with your gut......

I'm scheduled for several procedures on the 20th:




I talked with the procedure doctor, this afternoon.  I was right: they WILL put in a stent, to leave the duct open, after clearing ... whatever the blockage is.

It IS a plastic stent.

Plastic stents ARE at significant risk for infection (formation of biofilms).

Plastic stents DO have to be removed and replaced every couple (2-3) months.  It's amazing how UN-interesting THAT is to me ;-)

Plastic stents are much cheaper than metal stents, which ... have their own problems.  Candidly, they put plastic stents in people not expected to live more than six months.  They put metal stents in people who may live more than six months.  They also put plastic stents in people as temporary measures while they figure out what they're dealing with.  Cheaper.

I told the doctor that I didn't want to be on the Stent of the (Every Other) Month Program.  General anesthesia ... every other month ... forever ?  Pfffft.

He said, "Well ... doesn't it seem reasonable to be MORE concerned with what you HAVE, right now, and with what's causing it ??"

Well .... ordinarily, I'd agree with you, Doc, but ... see ... there's a lot of really bad stuff that I've been told this COULD be, and that I'm not going to necessarily commit to fighting.  Like ... cancer."

Dr. Lee said ... "I understand.  We have lots of patients who -- either because of age, overall health, religion, etc., are going to defer additional surgeries.  In that case ... yes ... I think placement of a metal stent DOES make sense."

Okay.  Thanks, Doc.  Now ... let's figure out What's Eating Gilbert Grape (his liver, anyway).

I've still been bouncing around, trying to find that ONE thing ... that this COULD be ... that falls into the category -- even loosely -- of ... "Crap.  THAT's not so bad......."

So far ... I'll still have to hope it's caused by either a prior surgery (that I didn't have) or stones (that I don't have).  Those are the 'benign' causes of biliary obstruction.

Figure ... whatever they take out of me ... gets sent to the lab.  3-4 business days.  Maybe early on the week of the 24th ... we should have a name and a CV for my new li'l friend.

The best thing about leaving my job at ProFlowers was .... not stressing out so much during the flower holidays (eg, Valentine's Day ... now !).   If this is how February is going to be ... I wonder if I can get my old job back.  May as well get paid for it ;-)

News You Can Use:

        Higado.  Higado is Spanish for liver.

Odd that I know that.

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