Monday, July 29, 2013

More of "This Is Travel"

Got up at 4am, to catch my 5am shuttle to the airport.

At boarding time, our gate was empty -- never a good sign.

Then the board reflected a change -- our 7:15a flight would now leave at 12:15, missing ALL my connections.

An employee of the VIP Lounge kindly offered to call American, and get us some employees to sort things out.

I WILL fly out at 12:15p, and -- with luck -- make my Miami and Dallas connections, WITH my backpack.

I'll be picking up my rental car at nearly midnight, after my 16hr day.  I can see NO reason why a visually impaired, tired guy should have ANY problems negotiating Southern California traffic.

BUT ... if I were you ... I'd avoid the Orange County surface streets between about 11:30pm and 3am ... just in case :-)

Dog bite is healing nicely.  Shakira sent me a nice apology note.  Very thoughtful, particularly with a dog with no thumbs.  Unsure how the space bar worked, but ... it did :-)

The "only a half a day behind" denizens of ... The Gulag.

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